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Taking Action

We are a patient-centered national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the fibromyalgia community. The Support Fibromyalgia Network is built by a group of patients to foster collaborative relationships with the patient community, healthcare providers, and researchers. With strengths in science, technology, and Functional Medicine, we have already accelerated fibromyalgia patient and medical education, empowered advocacy efforts, expanded research, improved health equity and access, and developed a vision for group medical visits.

Fibromyalgia Community Conference

We’re back for another Fibromyalgia Conference in 2023. All virtual, ten days, and free to attend!


Learn about our programs for patients, medical education, expansion of research, and advocacy education.

News & Events

Fibromyalgia resources, news and event updates

Community Connections
We Are The Future

We are a generation of advocates and community leaders ready to take on fibromyalgia in a new era of medicine. While fully immersed in technology, we embrace a range of programs such as health coaching, support groups, and research outreach. We are here to deliver on our promises of creating tangible patient solutions.

Our vast network of experience, mentorship and collaboration with Veterans, support group leaders, social media influencers, caregivers, families, healthcare providers, and researchers is our strength.

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Expanding Resources

Our education, support and advocacy programs appeal to a wide range of populations

ICGMV Conference | Creating Community in a Virtual Setting
Putting Fibromyalgia On The Map

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