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Taking Action

As a patient-first national nonprofit, the Support Fibromyalgia Network passionately empowers our community through education and inspiration. Created and led by patients, our mission is to bridge meaningful connections among individuals living with fibromyalgia, healthcare professionals, and researchers. Leveraging our expertise in science, technology, and Functional Medicine, we’ve significantly propelled forward programs critical to our community, such as enhancing patient and medical education, strengthening advocacy, broadening research, increasing health equity and access, and pioneering the concept of group medical visits for fibromyalgia care.


Learn about our programs for patients, medical education, expansion of research, and advocacy education.

Community Connections
We Are The Future

We are a dynamic generation of advocates and community leaders poised to confront fibromyalgia with the tools and insights of a new medical era. Deeply integrated with cutting-edge technology, we offer diverse initiatives, including health coaching, support groups, and research outreach. We are committed to fulfilling the promises of devising real, impactful solutions for patients.

Our network encompasses a rich tapestry of experience, mentorship, and collaborative efforts. This includes partnerships with veterans, support group facilitators, social media influencers, and caregivers. We forge a united front to advance the cause of those affected by fibromyalgia, leveraging our collective expertise for a more significant impact.

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Our education, support and advocacy programs appeal to a wide range of populations

Putting Fibromyalgia On The Map

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