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Support Fibro is taking Fibromyalgia patient leadership, education, and training to the next level. People living with Fibromyalgia deserve positive healthcare experiences. When we bring together a group of inspired, like-minded leaders, we can make the necessary changes that benefit the entire community. Investing in patient leadership creates positive community results. We can inspire, motivate, and empower Fibromyalgia patient leaders by offering a supportive environment for them to thrive in their own lives, and bring resources to their communities at the same time. Our program includes Community Leadership Education, Supportive Circles resources, Advocacy Summits, and public awareness campaigns.

Public Awareness Campaigns
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Join Support Fibro for trainings, interviews, Proclamations, town halls, and collaborations with other chronic illness advocates and organizations. Get ready to turn the month of May into one of the largest public awareness campaigns we have seen for Fibromyalgia in a long time!

We are proud to be working with Looms for Lupus, People With Empathy, and the Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia for May Awareness Campaigns that support Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Mental Health.

Upcoming Events
Advocacy Rally

March 3rd @ 9am PST

Proclamations Training

April 24th @ 12pm PST

Awareness Day

May 12th

Join our Advocacy Events in Washington, D.C.: Email us

In September 2019, Support Fibro launched their Fibromyalgia Healthcare Advocacy & Patients Leaders Program. Patients, advocates, clinicians, and caregivers met on Capitol Hill for advocacy education and then attended over 54 meetings to educate their legislative representatives about supporting critical Fibromyalgia medical research, education programs, and accessibility to alternative pain care.

For 2020, Support Fibro will expand on initiatives with public awareness campaigns for the month of May with Proclamations, regional meetings and town halls. With a full program, we will advance priorities in research, Fibromyalgia treatments, education for physicians, and mentor the next generation of Fibromyalgia patient leaders.

March Meetings
Capitol Hill

March 11th & 12th, 2020
8am – 5pm
in Washington, D.C.

Advocacy Matters

We sometimes forget that we do have the power to change things. As a Fibromyalgia patient we may feel defeated as most of us struggle to survive. A successful campaign is a joint effort that requires numerous people and tools to reach critical mass. By participating in the process, it allows your voice to be heard and it does make a difference!

Congress represents all of us. If we want more research and the cure, we will need to fight for it. The NIH needs to do more for Fibromyalgia research and we must let our representatives know! Sixty-five percent of House Chiefs of Staff would rather get a request from a constituent for a meeting than from anyone else.

Our advocacy efforts will lay down the groundwork for future years. We’ll continue to educate legislators and staff on Fibromyalgia, build relationships for future actions, and begin a new phase of training for Fibromyalgia around the country!