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Fibromyalgia Fights On
Warriors Wanted

By uniting a passionate collective of leaders, we catalyze the transformative changes essential for the well-being of our entire fibromyalgia community. The power of investing in patient leadership and advocacy training cannot be understated as it seeds the growth of a positively impactful community. In 2019, we pioneered a brand new fibromyalgia advocacy training program. This initiative has been a cornerstone in bridging advocates and organizations, fostering a harmonious and empowered community dedicated to making a difference.

Advocacy Week
In-Person Hill Days & Virtual Meetings To Follow

Washington D.C.
March 12, 13th, & 14th

Become a Fibromyalgia Delegate: Fill Out Form or Email us with additional questions.

In September 2019, the Support Fibromyalgia Network launched a new grass-roots National Fibromyalgia Advocacy program. Patients, advocates, clinicians, and caregivers met on Capitol Hill for advocacy education and attended over 54 meetings to educate their legislative representatives about supporting critical fibromyalgia medical research, education programs, and accessibility to alternative pain care.

We marked 2020-2023 with a significant expansion of our initiatives. Beyond our traditional in-person Hill Day in March 2020, and all virtual meetings to follow, we broadened our impact through public awareness campaigns, including issuing Proclamations and engaging communities through regional meetings and town halls. By expanding virtually, our organization successfully met with over 100 Congressional offices for fibromyalgia advocacy. 

Advocacy In Action
Fibromyalgia Delegates Training Program

Collaboration is essential as we unite with diverse organizations, healthcare leaders, and Fibromyalgia Delegates nationwide for meetings with Congressional leaders. We are set to identify champions for fibromyalgia in Congress and advocate for consistent funding for fibromyalgia-focused research. We aim to secure an accurate condition classification and boost translational treatments’ development. This collaborative effort led to the inception of the National Fibromyalgia Delegates Training Program, marking a significant milestone in our advocacy journey. This program allows us to train the next generation of Fibromyalgia Advocates.

Public Awareness Campaigns
Communities Near You
Empower Advocates

Participate in trainings, interviews, Proclamations, town halls, and collaborations with other chronic illness advocates and organizations. We’re turning the month of May into one of the largest public awareness months!

We are proud to be working with Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia, Men With Fibromyalgia, My Several Worlds, The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles, and Lupus Spoons for May Awareness Campaigns that support Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Mental Health.

Advocacy Matters

It’s easy to feel powerless, especially as a patient battling fibromyalgia. Yet, it’s crucial to remember we have a collective strength and a powerful potential to enact change. Success in advocacy doesn’t come from a single individual; it’s the culmination of efforts from countless people wielding various tools to achieve a significant impact. Engaging in this process gives your voice power and truly makes a difference.

Congress is there to represent us all. If we desire advanced research for treatments and medical education for fibromyalgia, we must be prepared to fight for these causes. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) must prioritize fibromyalgia research more significantly, and we must communicate this need to our representatives. Remarkably, over sixty-five percent of Congressional staff prefer meeting requests directly from constituents.

Our advocacy work is laying the foundation for the future. By continuously educating legislators and their staff about fibromyalgia, fostering enduring relationships for forthcoming initiatives, and launching a new era of nationwide fibromyalgia advocacy training, we are setting the stage for substantial progress. Together, we’re not just fighting for today; we’re paving the way for a brighter future for all fibromyalgia patients.


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