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Butterfly Chat

Latoya created this Podcast to Support, Educate, and entertain those with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and their caregivers of those who fight daily. The first episode is dedicated to her niece Shay Wilson. Now let’s have a Butterfly Chat!

Butterfly Chat Podcast
Meet Latoya

Fibro Flash

Latoya is a Fibromyalgia advocate in the state of Alabama. She helped us lead the charge for advocacy meetings May 2021, is the creator of the Butterfly Chat podcast, and creator of Fibro Flash. Be sure to subscribe to her podcast and follow her on social media. Instagram

Working Together
Resources for Families

With Latoya’s assistance the Support Fibromyalgia Network is working on a new “Giving Program”. We’re creating wishlists and other items that can be donated to Fibromyalgia families in need. We are also working with Latoya on addressing food insecurity in the state of Alabama.

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