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Glial Cells Fibromyalgia

Understanding Glial Cells in Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is complex and the root cause mechanisms are still poorly understood. Research into the role of glial cells in fibromyalgia has been ongoing. It's an exciting and emerging area of study that needs more funding. Glial cells play essential…

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Telemedicine for Fibromyalgia | Research Opportunity

Telemedicine for Fibromyalgia by Swing Therapeutics! (Opportunity Now Full) Our friends at Swing Therapeutics are offering a research opportunity to those living with fibromyalgia in the United States. Participants must meet qualifications. Swing is conducting research to better understand patients’…

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Fibromyalgia Family Prevalence Research

Fibromyalgia Family Prevalence Research Survey! The Support Fibromyalgia Network, Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia, and The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles joined forces to create this Fibromyalgia Family Prevalence Research Survey. Patient driven research! If you are patient living with fibromyalgia anywhere in…

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Fibromyalgia Group Health Coaching Pilot Program

  Fibromyalgia Group Health Coaching Pilot Program! We are discussing the first round of our Fibromyalgia Group Health Coaching pilot program. We used Functional Medicine principles as the basis of education and coaching. We'll be sharing the program we organized…

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The FIDGIT Study for Fibromyalgia

  The FIDGIT Study for Fibromyalgia! Today's guest is Sharon Erdrich, MHSc, PhD Candidate, and Study Coordinator for the FIDGIT Study for Fibromyalgia. Learn more about the study here: The FIDGIT Study investigates fibromyalgia, digestion, and the microbiome. (You…

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Fibromyalgia Food Access & Health Survey

Fibromyalgia Food Access & Health Survey! This survey was created by the Support Fibromyalgia Network to fulfill part of the grant offering for the HealtheVoices Impact Fund. This is for U.S. based residents over the age of 18 years old.…

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