To launch Fibromyalgia Awareness Month we’re giving away our Support Fibromyalgia Coloring Book! Print it out, color, and share with us on social media. Our Fibromyalgia coloring book includes our various programs. You can spend time learning about the organization, and have some fun. We’d love to see you share a post with yourself and hopefully your loved ones enjoying our coloring book.

Creativity welcome! We encourage you to share your art to build more Fibromyalgia Awareness. Make your own signs if you feel inspired for #SupportFibro and our #ShineForFibro campaign. It’s a perfect time to be creative for the Fibromyalgia community and let others know they are not alone.

Fibromyalgia Coloring Book

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  1. What a cool resource. Coloring is a big activity at my house when my granddaughter is over. This could be a good way for me to talk to her a bit more about my Fibromyalgia. Also, just mindfully coloring helps me in calming and distracting from pain. Thank you!

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