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Group Coaching

We’re making health coaching and Functional Medicine Health Coaching accessible to the fibromyalgia community. Wellness is a process, never a static state. Coaches are collaborative and co-creative partners in your journey to reach your wellness goals. It’s a growth-promoting relationship all about YOU. This is a developing program. Scholarships are awarded based on need and readiness.

Current Scholarships

Stay tuned for new groups in 2024.

Program Overview
  • If you are interested in applying for any of the current scholarships, we’ll have a new group starting soon.
  • We offer group coaching and one-to-one coaching. We will have two different groups to start with for the 2024 year. 
  • All scholarship recipients will gain access to secret learning modules, invited to private webinars, digital resources, and prompt Q&A forums. 
Leadership Team

Melissa Talwar

Melissa is a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Practitioner, ReCODE 2.0 Certified (Bredesen Protocol), Certified Ketogenic Nutritionist, and additional training in functional nutrition and neuroscience.

She currently works in group medical visits with various chronic illness conditions. Melissa has logged in 3000 hours+ coaching chronic pain and brain health groups with medical providers all around the country.

Pilot Program

We had an opportunity to launch a pilot program with 12 fibromyalgia patients from the community. We appreciate their commitment. This pilot program helped us advance additional group coaching material. 

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