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Fibromyalgia Health Professionals

Great news to all our fibromyalgia friends and community members. The Fibromyalgia Health Professionals Conference has now gone completely virtual! It’s been an adventure traveling at the moment and we are disappointed we don’t get to meet everyone in-person this time. We appreciate the hard work from the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine on this collaborative event. Live stream tickets are now available for the conference taking place October 5th – 7th, 2003.

This is designed for all patients, healthcare professionals, and community members seeking to deepen their expertise in fibromyalgia and TMJ disorders. This event will be decoding fibromyalgia through dental health, neurology, endocrinology, myofascial release, sleep connections, and so much more. Specialists from various field of medicine are coming together this special event catering to the fibromyalgia community.

Physicians, PAs, and NPs have the opportunity to earn up to 18 CME credits. All healthcare professionals can join the PTI yearly membership and be able to view this fibromyalgia conference for free. Enjoy over three days, engage in immersive workshops, live demonstrations, and in-depth sessions to discover collaborative approaches for managing fibromyalgia and TMJ pain.

In recent years, we have seen a shift towards collaborative care and multidisciplinary approaches which has emerged as a promising path for fibromyalgia care. The path to unraveling the mysteries of fibromyalgia is no longer a solitary one. The Support Fibromyalgia Network with Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine, and other healthcare professionals are coming together to harness the power of combined expertise and embrace whole body perspectives. Together we are poised to transform the way we approach fibromyalgia, unlocking new insights and innovative solutions that will change countless lives for the better.




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