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Fibromyalgia Impact Tour (Virtual)

Support Fibromyalgia is expanding our educational tour events virtually in order to engage people living with fibromyalgia and overlapping autoimmune conditions. These virtual events focused on food insecurity, quality of life, rural and food desert living, Functional Medicine, and more! Our Impact Fund Award helps pay for educational resources.

This is a multifaceted project which will focus on healthcare outcomes, self-management strategies, patient-centered education, and technology integration. Through this project, we can evaluate programs that are underfunded and resources missing completely.


Health Coaches and professionals will educate on lifestyle modifications.


Foster peer-to-peer support and increase connections to the community.


Improve self-management skills with mobile apps and daily journals.

Sponsors & Educators

We are currently looking for passionate sponsors, healthcare providers, and community leaders to join us for the Fibromyalgia Impact Tour. You can download our media kit or use the contact form on this page to get involved.

Grant Funding

This grant allows Support Fibromyalgia to purchase and expand education materials for patients living with fibromyalgia and overlapping autoimmune conditions. We will be launching these virtual events in February 2021. Stay tuned for virtual workshops, and interviews with leaders and experts.

Meet Our Director

Melissa’s fibromyalgia journey began at age fourteen and she spent over twenty years declining. Through biohacking and root-cause medicine, she took control of her own health, and now she is on a mission to empower other fibromyalgia patients to do the same. 

She is a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional, Certified Bredesen Protocol ReCODE 2.0, and Keto Nutritionist. 

Fibromyalgia Impact Tour Is Complete!
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