Quality Medical Care

We would like to see all patients in the fibromyalgia community receive quality healthcare. From getting a correct diagnosis, to implementing treatment plans, we feel there is still a need for education. Fibromyalgia advocates and teams of healthcare professionals will be working together to provide updated and accurate diagnostic tools, training manuals and educational seminars in order to create a community of wellness.

Program Goals


Host fibromyalgia educational workshops in-person and online for all healthcare providers.


Pass out updated printed materials at doctor’s offices, conferences and support groups.


Attend, speak and sponsor patient and healthcare advocates at medical conferences.

Leadership Team

Melissa Talwar

Melissa Talwar

Melissa Talwar is a self proclaimed “nerd” and started researching and advocating for fibromyalgia after her onset of chronic pain at fourteen years old. When she is not studying the world of biohacking or implementing marketing plans for clients, she is outside growing her own food.