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How to complete a Fibromyalgia Proclamation

May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month with May 12th being highlighted as Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. One way to raise awareness is to ask your local or state government to create a proclamation.

This accomplishes several goals for the fibromyalgia community. It’s an opportunity to educate local officials about how much fibromyalgia is affecting their constituents. Issuing a proclamation is a newsworthy event, and might help you garner news coverage in your town. You can also post about the proclamation on social media and let others know they are not alone!

Get Started

Step 1: Call

Contact your city clerk, mayor, city manager, county supervisor, or other official’s office and find out their specific process for issuing proclamations. Let them know you want to request one naming the month of May as Fibromyalgia Awareness Month. Find out the names of officials and the appropriate contact information for submitting your proposal. Some cities have online forms.

Step 2: Download

We would love to show the world how much we #SupportFibro during the month of May by using our Proclamation Example! You can download our example proclamation and send it in or copy and paste into an online form. CLICK HERE

Step 3: Schedule

For this year, ask to have your proclamation mailed to you. Normally we would ask to have the signing of your proclamation put on the agenda. (This may require a lead time of two or more weeks.) You can normally pick-up in person, get a photograph of you (or a loved one) holding the proclamation with the official. Next year!

Step 4: Publicize

Be sure to send Support Fibro a photograph of you and your proclamation! You can also send it to your local newspaper with a short press release explaining how you became interested in Fibromyalgia and why you are educating others. Post the photo and story on social media, tag with #SupportFibro.

Download Proclamation

We created a Fibromyalgia Awareness Proclamation and included the Support Fibromyalgia Network, Veteran Voices For Fibromyalgia, and Looms For Lupus. Groups like Being Fibro Mom, Men With Fibromyalgia, FibroMomBlog, Fibro Life, and other advocates support May awareness events for fibromyalgia!

Lupus & Mental Health Proclamations

Our friends at Looms For Lupus have organized a proclamation for both Lupus and Mental Health. CLICK HERE to find more information on their website.

Connect on Social Media!

Follow our adventures, get live updates and share your own photos. Tag your content with #supportfibro!

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