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Exciting new fibromyalgia research survey from California State University, Fresno (CSUF)!

You are invited to participate in a research project titled Perceived Efficacy and Patients’ Satisfaction with the Most Common Interventions for the Management of Fibromyalgia Symptoms, A Patient’s Survey.

Thalia Valdez, a Physical Therapy graduate student at California State University, Fresno (CSUF), under the guidance of Dr. Caio Sarmento, are conducting a survey on the perceived effectiveness and satisfaction with commonly prescribed treatments for the management of fibromyalgia symptoms. This is an anonymous survey for those 18 and older, live in the United States, and are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It will take about 15 minutes to complete. Please follow the link or click the button below for more details, and to take the survey. Thank you very much for supporting fibromyalgia research!



Learn how Support Fibromyalgia is expanding fibromyalgia research in the community!fibromyalgia research in action

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