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Fibromyalgia Research In Action
Community Comes Together

The Support Fibromyalgia Network brings together researchers and technology companies who are inspired to get involved in the fibromyalgia community. As a national organization, we invest in and support various types of fibromyalgia research, and we make it tangible for patients to get involved. We advocate for research advancements at the federal level, University level, and support researchers with crowd-funding efforts. We are committed to including all genders, ethnicities, ages, and socioeconomic statuses in fibromyalgia research. Health equity and access are interwoven into all of our fibromyalgia programs. We are active members of the NINDS Nonprofit Forum, the NIH’s BRAIN Initiative®, Research!America, and collaborate with other research organizations. 

Get involved with Fibromyalgia Research In Action: Email us with additional questions.

Race For Research
That Gaming Dad & Friends

The Support Fibromyalgia Network is teaming up with That Gaming Dad to Race For Research! Follow That Gaming Dad on Twitch, support the racing, and help us expand fibromyalgia research. A percentage of the proceeds get donated to Fibromyalgia Research In Action Program Fund.

Research Matters
Patient Driven Research

Patient-Driven Research will lead to better health. Patient involvement ensures study results are more useful to them as well as others involved in making important health care decisions. Patients bring issues that matter to them—such as quality of life and ability to function—to the forefront of conversations about how to evaluate the effectiveness of health care options. If patients can work alongside scientists as partners in designing research, they can also support successful dissemination and implementation of the results.

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