This is the next level of patient empowerment and community outreach! A key component of ISFN’s outreach is that we are not stationary, but mobile; we are meeting those in need of outreach services at the locations where those in need are. The Fibromyalgia Education Tour provides one-to-one conversations, meetups, workshops and more! Every community member needs to know they matter and they are not forgotten. Each stop provides updated health resources, connections to local health providers and community resources. ISFN’s Community Leaders serve as co-hosts whenever possible. Our tour stops include larger metropolitan cities and rural areas. For 2020, ISFN is looking to expand into more rural areas, food deserts and lower income communities.

Through this program we can assess the current state of Fibromyalgia education, treatment and community resources. ISFN will also learn what resources are underfunded or missing completely.

This program is lead by the President of Support Fibro, Melissa Talwar. She is a Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Professional, Certified ReCODE & ReVERSE coach (Bredesen Protocol) and a Functional Medicine Health Coach with specialized training in Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune conditions, and brain health.

Community donations are used to purchase health resources only (i.e. printed lifestyle journals and handouts, physical books). ISFN is looking for Corporate Donors for 2020 travel dates. Please email us if you are interested. 

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