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Join us on Feb. 23rd for a free online webinar! Registration is required and limited tickets are available. Register here:

How to Navigate Fibromyalgia With Your Partner is the topic of this webinar. We’re start out with a presentation and then move into an activity and discussion. An activity worksheet will be provided to registered attendees.

In this online webinar, we will talk about the challenges of marriage or relationships and how to work through them with your partner.

About our presenter:

Suzanne Kopecki is a Health & Wellness Coach and creator of Fibromomblog. She is part of the Community Leaders for the Family & Fibromyalgia Program at the Support Fibromyalgia Network.

Suzanne has been living with Fibromyalgia for 5 years, married for twenty years, and has three children. For her, fibromyalgia changed the dynamics of the relationship with her husband.

Our Family & Fibromyalgia Program fosters connections between Fibromyalgia families, local communities, schools, and medical experts. We are offering interactive webinars, guest blogs posts, and distribution of resources off-line for this program.

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