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Join our Executive Director, Melissa Talwar and the Support Fibro team for a special live and interactive workshop on Saturday, August 20th at 10am PT! This is free workshop.

Register here:

Learn how you can apply Functional Medicine and root cause medicine at home. This is a patient-centered approach.

Topics we will cover:

– Basics of Functional Medicine & Root Cause Medicine
– What to look for in a practitioner and knowledge around testing
– High level discussion: Nutrition, Sleep, Relaxation, Movement, and Support
– Review of health goals

This workshop will start out sharing Functional Medicine education and then move to an interactive discussion with participants. You’ll walk away with various tools you can use at home or take to your provider.

Limited seating. Please only grab a ticket to the event if you are planning to attend live.


Melissa Talwar is the Executive Director of the Support Fibromyalgia Network. She is a fibromyalgia patient, a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Wahls Protocol Certified Practitioner, Certified in ReCODE 2.0 (Bredesen Protocol), Certified Keto Nutritionist, and completed a Master’s in Neuroscience. 

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  1. I would like to know if you have any videos we can watch to get more information so I can help my daughter even more

    1. Can you send me an email. We also have a free online conference in November. If you go to you can register. More speakers getting added.

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