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ICGMV Conference | Creating Community in a Virtual Setting

I had the wonderful opportunity to be on a panel with my co-worker from HealCommunity for a major discussion on “Creating Community in a Virtual Setting” for the ICGMV Conference this year. The focus for the second annual conference was harnessing the power of group visits to facilitate health with sessions focused on:

  • Field reports from group medical practice
  • Innovation in groups
  • Reaching special populations using group medical visits
  • Research on group medical visits
  • Group medical visit logistics
  • Building group visit skills

As a National Board Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, it was a fantastic opportunity to spotlight group medical visits with health coaches in the session, and of course I had a blast showing off my Zoom skills. We had a very well attended panel with other healthcare providers asking us many questions. Go health coaches! If you haven’t met me yet, I love exploring technology! I’ve also become very well versed at Zoom, and love teaching medical doctors and patients how to use the platform, so I was jazzed to showcase the creativity.

The conference inspired me quite a bit, that I think some brainstorming with other partners is going to be necessary for 2023. Stay tuned for more!

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