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Congrats to our Executive Director, Melissa Talwar, for winning the Hero of Hope Award!

It’s a tremendous honor to be awarded the Hero of Hope award for the Patient Advocacy Category. Thank you the team at the International Pain Foundation for creating such an amazing community and allowing me to be a part of it. It especially warms my heart that the category is patient advocacy and representing the fibromyalgia community is my mission and focus.

You can learn more about the Hero of Hope Awards and celebrate the other winners HERE

Please go and support iPain Living Magazine. We get emails asking about a magazine, and this magazine that they have created is a great resource to subscribe too. You can find the subscription information HERE

Thank you to everyone who voted! Special thank you and hugs to Looms for Lupus and the Mata family! I know I could not have gotten here without their support.

– Melissa Talwar

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