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The Support Fibromyalgia Network has partnered with Inspire to provide a safe and secure environment for those with fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Community at Inspire provides access to reliable and trustworthy resources about fibromyalgia and is supported by community leaders from our organization and moderators from the Inspire community.

Community members can post questions, have open discussions, or share experiences through the community home page. Topics can be anything related to fibromyalgia such as treatments, research, medications, struggles, and more. It’s free to join and you can sign up anonymously.

Members can:
– Personalize their profiles
– Have anonymous usernames
– Choose which information is shared with the community,
add other members as friends,
– Filter posts by topic,
– Share relevant photos and videos,
– Participate in Ask the Expert Chats
– And more!

Why did Inspire choose to partner with Support Fibromyalgia Network?

Inspire has partnered with the Support Fibromyalgia Network because they trust us to provide reliable resources to the fibromyalgia community members in a safe and secure environment.

As a national patient-centered organization, Inspire knows we are dedicated to educating and supporting the fibromyalgia community.

We foster collaborative relationships with the patient community, healthcare providers, and researchers. Through Inspire we aim to create a greater connection with fibromyalgia patients, caregivers, and their families with trusted and reliable sources of information.

Fibromyalgia Inspire Community Presentation

Inspire Guidelines

Inspire is not a substitution for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with your physician. We ask all the Fibromyalgia Inspire Community members to maintain respect for one another, be supportive, and be encouraging. Respect everyone’s privacy and each member’s right to anonymity.

For the complete community guidelines and frequently asked questions, please visit the Inspire Community Guidelines.

If you have any questions about joining the Inspire, please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy a supportive fibromyalgia community!

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