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Men With Fibromyalgia – University of Denver Research !

We are looking for men living with fibromyalgia that are interested in telling your story. You may be eligible to participate in a study conducted by the Department of Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver about the experiences of men living with fibromyalgia.

You are eligible to be in the study if you:
(a) identify as a man
(b) are between the ages of 45-65
(c) lives in the United States
(d) have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a medical professional

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete a 60-90 minute one-on-one audio-recorded interview via Zoom or phone. Upon completion of the interview, participants will receive a $35 Amazon gift card. If you are interested: CLICK HERE

The information you provide will allow them to learn more about you and your fit for the study. Questions? Contact Chrissy Motzny ( or the faculty sponsor, Dr. Trish Raque-Bogdan (



Learn how Support Fibromyalgia is expanding fibromyalgia research in the community!fibromyalgia research in action

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