We are taking patient empowered education and community outreach to the next level! Our Fibromyalgia patient services meet Fibromyalgia patients where they are at, are accessible, and are diverse for various population. Patient education is rooted in Functional Medicine principles, and we make them accessible to the entire Fibromyalgia community. Through our programs we will better understand what is working, what is underfunded, and which programs are missing completely.

Health Coaching

Be a part of group health and wellness coaching video calls that focus on lifestyle modifications, Functional Medicine, and self-management skills.

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Fibromyalgia Impact Tour

Virtual events focused on decreasing food insecurity, sharing self-management strategies, and improving quality of life.

Family & Fibromyalgia

Online webinars, health and wellness coaching, and supportive resources for the family.

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Support Fibro Tour

We’re taking Fibromyalgia Education and Research on the road with full day workshops, coffee meet-ups and one-to-one connections.

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Teens & Young Adults

School Advocates Program, College Awareness and Health Coaching are available now!

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Veterans & Fibromyalgia

Increased education and awareness, Veterans Coalition for support and advocacy.

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Men Get Fibro

Online webinars on health education for men and distribution of written material about men living with Fibromyalgia.

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Support Group Resources

We focus on providing free resources like books and up-to date printed materials to unaffiliated support groups. Support group mentorship also starting.

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