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We’re excited to be partnering with Brandi from Being Fibro Mom in support of the Shine For Fibromyalgia (#ShineForFibro) campaign. We’re shining a light for our entire fibromyalgia community to let everyone know they are not in this fight alone, we’re shining a light on Fibromyalgia Awareness, shining a light for a new path forward, shining a light for those we have lost in this fight, and of course being a beacon of hope.

We hope you will join us in the #ShineForFibro campaign and continue to be a light of hope for our fibromyalgia community. Take a look at Brandi’s blog, find different graphics to share, and other ways you can join the campaign. You can also share your story with us, and we’ll post on social media. Creativity is always welcome! Share how you are inspired to shine a light for the fibromyalgia community. We encourage designs of your own for Fibromyalgia Awareness signs. Share how you “Shine for Fibromyalgia” or use our Support Fibromyalgia’s Coloring Book for inspiration. Let’s show the world our fibromyalgia purple in the month of May!


Share Graphics
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Coloring Book
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