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Our friends at Swing are launching something new for the fibromyalgia community! Are you ready for this?!

They have a built an online clinic focused on treating fibromyalgia. Swing Care is a new way to receive expert fibromyalgia treatment. The online clinic combines the best of human and digital care, with personalized treatments developed in collaboration with leading clinical fibromyalgia experts. It’s currently waitlist-only but will be opening soon. You can find out when they open in your state by visiting

The team at Swing recently completed a pilot study of their investigational, digital treatment, for the management of fibromyalgia, and they are currently planning additional trials, in collaboration with leading clinicians and researchers around the country.

Last year we hosted an interview with Steph Catella, PsyD and Jeremy Frank, PhD from the Swing team. We discussed CBT, Digital Therapeutics, and most importantly the gaps for medical treatments in the fibromyalgia community. Find the full video by clicking on the image.

Swing Therapeutics Presentation

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