Support For All Ages

One condition that’s easy to overlook in children, teens and young adults is fibromyalgia. When fibromyalgia and chronic pain happen at younger ages it can be frustrating and very isolating. Much of the information found online does not apply to children and young adults, or it is outdated in light of newer research. Our goal is to clear up this confusion and increase local resources such as creating school advocates, providing mentorship and training for parents in advocacy roles.

Program Goals


Create information packets to give to schools and the medical community.


Create mentorship programs and support group resources.


Provide and connect patients for training in advocacy roles.

Leadership Team

Kristin Sciarappa

Kristin Sciarappa leads the highly rated Fibro Fighters Under 40 Facebook group and is an established writer for and The Mighty. She resides in Connecticut with her loving husband Jimmy and adorable cat Ivy.

Melissa Talwar

Melissa Talwar

Melissa Talwar is a self proclaimed “nerd” and started researching and advocating for fibromyalgia after her onset of chronic pain at fourteen years old. When she is not studying the world of biohacking or implementing marketing plans for clients, she is outside growing her own food.