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Telemedicine for Fibromyalgia by Swing Therapeutics! (Opportunity Now Full)

Our friends at Swing Therapeutics are offering a research opportunity to those living with fibromyalgia in the United States. Participants must meet qualifications. Swing is conducting research to better understand patients’ expectations and experience of telemedicine and healthcare for fibromyalgia. CLICK HERE to take a short (3-4 minute) eligibility survey and see if you qualify to participate in their compensated research panel.

Swing Therapeutics is developing digital therapies that help people with chronic illness live their best lives. They are working on their first treatment aimed at the management of fibromyalgia, with other autoimmune and chronic pain conditions to follow.

Learn more about Swing Therapeutics!

Learn how Support Fibromyalgia is expanding fibromyalgia research in the community!fibromyalgia research in action

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