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The FIDGIT Study for Fibromyalgia!

Today’s guest is Sharon Erdrich, MHSc, PhD Candidate, and Study Coordinator for the FIDGIT Study for Fibromyalgia. Learn more about the study here:

The FIDGIT Study investigates fibromyalgia, digestion, and the microbiome. (You know we nerded out on that). We’ll learn more about the research taking place and the importance of funding fibromyalgia research! If you are looking to donate towards the research, they are still looking for additional funding through crowdfunding. You can DONATE HERE or use the button below.

The FIDGIT Study has been approved by the Health & Disability Ethics Committee (HDEC) of New Zealand. It is registered with the Australia & NZ Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR).



Learn how Support Fibromyalgia is expanding fibromyalgia research in the community!fibromyalgia research in action

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